From traditional hand castings, to the use of 21st Century materials creating modern and dynamic spaces, ASF Street Furniture captures and reflects the environment it inhabits.

Post and Rail

ASF offer an extensive range of post and rail and post and panel systems for many applications.

Cast Iron Post and Rail

An elegant, robust and versatile way to protect and enhance the environment. ASF offers a wide range of styles:

  • Traditional: to complement classic architecture and urban layouts
  • Unobtrusive: to blend seamlessly with rural landscapes
  • Modern: to create dynamic and exciting spaces

To learn more about our casting process please visit our foundry website.

ASF Ductile Cast Iron Posts

ASF, via our sister company SG Castings, offers the entire range of cast iron posts in ductile iron if required. This material application is particularly useful in areas of high ram raid risk or for parapets, where a higher impact and loading resistance may be required.

For more information on the technical information surrounding ductile iron please visit the technical page of our ductile iron foundry website.

Steel/Stainless Steel Systems

Bespoke manufactured post and rail to take architectural design that next step. ASF can utilise existing bollard types or manufacture completely new styles for those projects that require an extra special touch.

Knee Rail

Manufactured in all materials, knee rail posts can be used where a single rail is all that is required, especially for flower bed protection or mounting on top of walls.

100% Recycled Plastic Post and Rail Manufactured entirely from environmentally impeccable hydrocarbons.

Sustainable and durable, ASF's recycled plastic post and rail offers a great alternative to more traditional materials.

ASF's recycled plastic post and rail and fencing products are not just the environmentally friendly choice, but offer a product that is strong, UV stable, splinter free, almost completely maintenance free, easy to clean, rust / rot proof and fully recyclable after use.

With an expected lifespan in excess of 40 years these products are manufactured from waste streams such as bottle caps, bottle crates and pre-used agricultural film and once processed are strong enough to be made into structures as strength critical as bridges and landing platforms.

Unlike other plastic products, ASF recycled plastic contains no softeners, chlorides, cadmium or other additives.

Glass Balustrades and Glass Balconies

A full range of glass balustrade options to suit any scheme. Suitable for interior or exterior applications. Loadings available. Easy to install.

ASF Channel Systems
These popular channel fixing systems give the impression of an invisible fix glass balustrade. Supplied with aluminium footings with rubber inserts, these systems can be used indoors and outdoors and can achieve loading specifications up to 3kN. Available with or without top rails/capping rails.

ASF Slim Channel Glass Balustrade
Suitable for light and medium use. Internal and external applications.

ASF Pro Channel Glass Balustrade
Suitable for light to medium use. Internal and external applications, including stairways

ASF Max Channel Glass Balustrade
A heavy-duty glass balustrade suitable for all domestic and commercial applications

ASF Post and Clamp Glass Balustrade Systems
The original glass balustrade where the glass is held by clamps between post uprights. A very versatile system that can be manufactured to meet any site requirements that a post and rail or post and panel system would require. Various loading calculations are available, based on both the glass and the steel / stainless steel posts.

ASF Adaptions Glass Balustrade Systems
Designed to retro fit into existing or new build jobs, these adaptive clamps hold the glass onto a retaining wall or parapet, usually as a side mounting option. Loadings are available on request.

ASF View Glass Balustrade - The invisible Juliet balcony
These glass balustrade systems are primarily designed to create a Juliet balcony or similar application. Side and reveal mounting versions are available. Loadings of up to 0.74kN can eb achieved

LED Illuminated Handrail

LED lighting technology has allowed the incorporation of both linear lights and spotlighting into handrails, offering a product by day that is a clean and stylish stainless steel handrail system and by night has the additional element of lighting suitable for waymarking and lighting design applications.

Cool to touch
LED's are essentially cool to touch at the bulb as they do not give of infra-red heat, meaning they can be used in handrailing applications without the risk of burning.

LED and UV
Another often overlooked benefit of LED lighting in external applications is the fact they give off almost no UV light, meaning they do not attract biting (or non-biting) insects.

Brochure Downloads:

Cast Iron Post & Rail Brochure
Stainless & Steel Post & Rail Brochure