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Illuminated Bollards

ASF have a complete range of illuminated bollards for a wide range of applications. From domestic and commercial property to the high street, ASF's illuminated bollard range has something for everyone.

With bollard options in steel, stainless steel, cor-ten steel, timber and aluminium ASF illuminated bollards are available to fit any scheme.

The product range has been put together to include a wide variety of off the shelf options to supplement our made to order and bespoke manufacturing services. This allows us to ensure quick service and great value is available when needed, but retaining the highly personalised, specialist product ranges that we are so proud of.

Beyond this we can offer specialist manufacture and make illuminated bollards to match standard fixed bollards and other site furniture - ensuring continuity in a project's specification.

ASF's made to order products, whilst still form a standard range, are also highly bespoke and can be manufactured to any height or with detailing to tie in with other site aesthetics. They can also be reinforced for added ram raid protection.

Many of the standard range and off the shelf bollards already carry an IP classification giving the water ingress rating, as well as lamp information for standard bulb options. Bespoke and made to order products can be manufactured with any appropriately specified lamp options - in most cases this includes compact fluorescent or LED bulbs. Ingress testing and IP classification can also be carried out for bespoke and made to order products if needed.

ASF offer LED bulbs as a standard option with a number of the illuminated bollard products, there are various benefits to this - the lifespan of the bulb is greatly increased and the power used is greatly decreased. Also, white LED has no UV output so when used as a light source in an area where people congregate, the lights themselves do not attract biting insects, making LED lamps both a good value and practical option.

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