From traditional hand castings, to the use of 21st Century materials creating modern and dynamic spaces, ASF Street Furniture captures and reflects the environment it inhabits.

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Steel Bollards

Functional, durable, excellent impact resistance, and eye catching. ASF offer an extensive range of steel bollards which are designed to compliment the style and simplicity of many modern schemes, as well as providing superb traffic control and pedestrian protection. They can be adapted to form chain or rail barriers, cycle stands, gate posts and traffic signs.

ASF's dedicated manufacturing process means that these versatile designs can be altered and developed to meet the needs of any project.

Steel and Iron Composite Bollards

Combining the durable nature of steel with the stylish freedom of cast iron, ASF also offer exciting composite designs that are a rare alternative to so many one dimensional products seen today.

Tough, thick walled steel uprights are enhanced with cast iron centre rings and top pieces that give pleasing aesthetic appeal and increase bollard visibility.

Illuminated Bollard Options
All ASF steel and stainless steel bollards can have lighting units added to make them into illuminated/lighting bollards. These lighting options can be either functional or decorative, depending on the needs of the customer

DDA Compliant Steel Bollards
ASF can adapt all steel bollards to be DDA compliant with the addition of painted, etched or stick on reflective banding. ASF can also add features such as recesses to break up the bollard outline, increasing the bollard visibility further still.

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